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Classroom Mentor

What happens when a child with high functioning autism starts showing signs of social, academic or behavioral struggles in the classroom?

Many parents have been or will be faced with this exact challenge. We have all seen that children with high functioning autism can be successful if they receive personalized attention and one on one support. Teachers in a typical classroom with 15-30 children don’t have the time to provide this specialized attention. Too often children on the spectrum get kicked out of preschools, or private schools or parents have to go through a difficult process to get special services or support from the public school system. And the struggles autistic children have aren’t just academic and in the classroom. There are many social and behavioral challenges that children with autism face during recess such as bullying or social isolation.

Many academic, social, or behavioral challenges start in preschool and kindergarten. XciteSteps offers a “Classroom Mentor” service where a one-on-one social and academic coach supports the child every day in the classroom and on the playground. When the mentor arrives, typically an hour before recess, he/she assists the child in staying focused and productive during class, then helps integrate them with other kids at recess and engage in positive social experiences before transitioned back to the classroom and regaining composure.

Many children with learning or behavioral challenges develop anxieties from negative experiences they have in school and social settings. XciteSteps mentors are there to make each day successful and enjoyable, and help build confidence in the child’s abilities while supporting them through their struggles. The mentors also help bridge the gap with other kids and promote positive social interactions. It can be very hard for a child with impulsive, hyperactive, or socially awkward behaviors to engage in appropriate play with other kids. The mentors act as a hybrid of friend and teacher, and are seen as “fun and cool” role models by the kids. Since children crave their company, it is easy for mentors to engage kids in play and model appropriate social behaviors to the child they are supporting.

Measuring Success

XciteSteps’ “classroom mentors” work hand-in-hand with teachers, and other professionals involved in the child’s life. For instance, if a child is being supported by a speech, behavioral, or occupational therapist, the mentor can help implement some of the strategies learned in the classroom.

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